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Meet Dr. Rona Thau, BS2 DC


Dr. Rona Thau, BS2 DC


Dr. Rona Thau is a gentle, holistic chiropractor. A north garden state native, Dr. Rona settled in California for 23 years. In 2021 she relocated to Ocean County, NJ. She has been in practice for nearly three decades and was introduced to the field quite literally by accident. Prior to attending chiropractic college, Dr. Rona attended Emerson College in Boston. She studied Theatre, Comedy, English, and Communications. A few years later, her life changed when she was struck by a car in a crosswalk.

This life-altering accident propelled her directly to the chiropractic profession as a patient, then student, and now doctor.  Rona has had a lifelong interest in natural health and healing, movement, and sharing her teachings via direct experiences.

Dr. Rona has extensive post-doctoral training in functional wellness therapies, including nutrition response testing, Yoga, SOT, activator, NAET, Crania-Sacral therapy, CrossFit, and more. She helps people of all ages and stages of life regain function as well as help them reduce or completely clear chronic and acute pain & dysfunction.

Dr. Rona’s passions include good health, cooking good food, hanging out with her rescue dog(s), writing, and being active outside. She has been published as a contributor in a few books. She is thrilled to be a part of the Kinney Chiropractic family and looks forward to helping you and your family live your happiest and healthiest lives.

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