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Easing TMJ Muscle Tension in Belmar, NJ

Easing TMJ Muscle Tension | Chiropractor for TMJ in Belmar, NJ

Hello, everyone! Today, I’m excited to share how we kickstart the treatment for your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, issues. This crucial joint connects your jawbone to your skull, playing a pivotal role in your ability to talk, chew, and express yourself. Unfortunately, when things go awry, it can lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms, including clicking, popping, facial pain, headaches, and even ear pain. But fear not, because we have strategies to alleviate these discomforts, focusing particularly on the musculature around the TMJ.

Easing TMJ Discomfort through Muscle Work

The TMJ, located right at the side of your face, is surrounded by a network of muscles that, when strained, can cause significant discomfort. To address this, we begin with targeted muscle work aimed at relieving tension in the facial and neck muscles.

During treatment, we ask you to engage in simple jaw movements—opening and closing your mouth at a steady pace. This allows us to pinpoint and work on the specific muscles contributing to your discomfort. We focus on:

  • Facial Muscles: Gentle manipulation helps release tension in the cheeks and surrounding areas.
  • Neck Muscles: Given the stress placed on these muscles through clenching or grinding, especially at night, it’s crucial to alleviate tightness here.
    Temporalis Muscles: Situated at the side of the head, these muscles can also harbor significant tension, impacting your TMJ’s functionality.

Improving Jaw Function and Alleviating Pain

Our aim with these treatments is to improve the range of motion in your jaw, thereby providing relief from the symptoms of TMJ dysfunction. Many patients report significant improvements in their symptoms following these muscle work sessions.

If you’re battling TMJ issues, remember, you don’t have to endure this discomfort. Avoid the route of oral surgery and instead, consider chiropractic care as a non-invasive, effective solution. At our offices, we’re dedicated to correcting your TMJ dysfunction and restoring pain-free jaw function.

Stay tuned for more insights into our treatment methods and success stories. Let’s tackle TMJ discomfort together. I’m Dr. Jodi Kinney, and I look forward to helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Kinney Chiropractic

At Kinney Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in really listening and getting to the root cause of why you are in pain and not living up to your true potential. We go above and beyond with a thorough exam and specialized digital X-rays so we can fully understand what’s causing your problem.

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