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Exercises to Help Relieve Scoliosis in Belmar, NJ

Exercises to Help Relieve Scoliosis | Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Belmar, NJ

Hi, I’m Dr. Rona Thau, and I’m one of your chiropractors here at Kinney Chiropractic in Belmar, New Jersey. Today I’m going to talk a little bit and share with you some stretches and movements that you can do to help with a scoliosis.

Exercises You Can do at Home For Scoliosis Relief

So scoliosis is when there’s a curve in the back, usually it’s an S curve, sometimes it’s not. In addition to adjusting your spine, okay, when we see you on the table, when we adjust, you sometimes have scoliosis, usually one side of their ribcage is high, you may even see if you look at yourself straight in the mirror, you may see one high shoulder or one high here sometimes that’s indicative of scoliosis in the spine. I know I have one myself. So the exercises I’m going to show you today are stretches can be done seated standing or laying down on your back or your tummy depending on what it is.

Standing Side Stretch

One of the stretches that you can do and I’ll show you a good way to add it on is just to stand with your feet even take a deep breath in and reach over to one side the stretches all those long pair spinal muscles in your back. Okay, you may or may or may not feel that a way to add on to that is to grab a broomstick or a towel or a jacket and reach up with one arm reach down with the other and stretch to one side. And then stretch to the other. And if you’re like me, and you have scoliosis, one side is going to be much easier to do than the other. Make sure you’re reaching up and over. Take your time because each segment really enjoys to get its movement in there, you can add a little bit of a twist on either side.

The Cat-Cow Stretch

Another move that’s great that you can do again, depending on your flexibility is a cat cat and this can be done standing, you can support yourself on your thighs or if you have a counter top you can put your hands on that. Or it could be on all fours. To do a cat cow we exhale as we tuck the tailbone to the head. See, kind of like a cat. And as you inhale, you live your tailbone, drop your shoulders and extend your chest. lengthening your crown keeping your spine nice and long, making like a U shape. Pretend your backs like a hand and then exhaling and inhaling. That’s a cat-cow. You can also, another great one to do I’m going to show you this on all fours you can also do your cat cow here is to take one arm, hand behind your head gently where your ear right? And you’re gonna twist up as you inhale and exhale as you reach your elbow over to your other elbow. Inhaling as you twist up. Exhaling as you twist down. And of course you’ll do both sides and a little limited by the wall here.

The Pelvic Tilt Stretch

Another great exercise to do or stretch. Most of us know this is called a pelvic tilt. You’ll just lay on your back here. Your feet can be up a wall. I like to do that sometimes. But what you’ll do is the top of your hip bone right here, you’re going to rotate it backwards. So your belly button is going to sink back as you exhale, lengthening your lower spine. Inhaling, arching your back. Exhaling, rocking your pelvis up your hips back. It feels so good. You can bring your your leg in the other leg and again a little hard to do here but we can take a twist. Normally I would do this on the floor would have this arm out and adjust my spine a little bit so that I feel like there’s a nice twist happening. And again, you would do both sides. Great way to get up be roll on your side. Push yourself up.

So I’m Dr. Thau. We definitely can help you or your friends who have scoliosis or any back pain here at Kinney Chiropractic with a combination of adjustments and stretches and strengthening exercises. And we’d love to see you. I’m Dr. Thau and that’s all for now. Bye!

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