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Tech Neck Prevention for Your Posture in Belmar, NJ

Hi, everybody. Look familiar? How many of you look down at your phone like this? Rounded shoulders, head flexed forward, looking down. And then you realize you’ve been in that position for how long, and your neck is killing you.

I’m Dr. Jodi Kinny, your chiropractor for posture correction in Belmar, NJ. Today, I’m gonna do a video on proper posture looking at your phone.

Now, I know it’s gonna be hard ’cause it’s so easy for everybody to just text, and scroll, and email looking down at their phone, but I want you to try. Try to work on getting proper posture. And this is the reason why:

Proper Neck Posture | Chiropractic, Belmar, NJ

Normally, your ear should be over your shoulder, should be over your hip, and over your ankle. So when you’re looking at your phone, you don’t wanna be rounded like this, ’cause ultimately what happens is you’re gonna develop this permanent forward head posture thing.

We call it tech neck. And the scary part about this is I’m seeing this much more frequently in children than I ever have been before. So many kids are on their phones now and they’re looking down, and they’re looking forward, and then ultimately, they’re walking around like this.

Sets the stage for neck problems, headaches, spine problems, arthritis, disc injuries. We don’t wanna go down that road.

So looking at your phone, try your best, shoulders back. You don’t wanna be looking down. Try your best to get your elbows up a little bit higher so that your phone is at least at eye level when you’re looking at it.

Chiropractic Tech Neck Prevention in Belmar, NJ

All right. When you’re scrolling through your phone or looking at your phone, same when you’re in a seated position. The best thing we can do, looking down, instead of holding our phone on our lap, I always try to lean back and hold my phone in front of me.

You can dig your elbows into your sides to give you a little support. But also what I’ve done is I’ve invested in, or I even just, if I’m sitting at my couch, grab a pillow, a little couch pillow, and prop your phone up on a pillow, or up on a shelf, or up on a table so that when you’re looking at your phone, you’re looking more forward.

I know it gets hard. People get absorbed in what they’re doing on their phones, laughing at videos, sharing with their friends. Try your best, and your neck will thank you, to hold your head upright and keep your shoulders back so that you don’t develop permanent changes in your neck spine over time, and tech neck.

All right. I hope that helped. Really try your best to practice proper posture when you’re looking at your phone. All right, thanks, guys.

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