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Treatment For Spinal Degeneration in Belmar, NJ

My Favorite Treatment For Spinal Degeneration | Chiropractor for Arthritis in Belmar, NJ

So we’re finishing and kind of working through our series about what to do when you have degeneration or early arthritic changes in the spine. One of my favorite techniques that we use in this office for degeneration or arthritis in the lumbar spine is what we call flexion distraction. So it’s a type of decompression, that opens up joint spaces and opens up disk spaces and really creates more room for the disc, for the joints and for nerve supply, and it’s a really nice way to stretch out the muscles.

So my patient Chris is lying facedown on the table. Now, these tables are called the electric flexion distraction tables and what they are doing is decompressing and flexing and distracting the spine to open up joint faces and surfaces creating more room and more space for nerve supply. When a patient has degenerative or hernia of old herniated discs, you lose space in between the vertebrae. And that loss of space causes abnormal alignment, abnormal motion and will put pressure on nerves which is what gives the patient pain. Sometimes we get bony changes like osteophytes and bone spurs thickening of the endplates. So this technique really helps to create more room, create more space but also really opens up the joint spaces surfaces and stretches out all the muscles.

So this is my favorite technique that we use whenever my patients come in with a degeneration of the lower back spine. Okay, thanks so much for checking in and we’re gonna see you again soon

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