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When Will My Kid Stop Growing in Belmar, NJ

When Will My Kid Stop Growing | Pediatric Chiropractor in Belmar, NJ

Hi everybody, I’m Dr. Jodi Kinney from Kinney Chiropractic. Today, I’m going to discuss adjusting teenagers and how we assess spinal anomalies or normal variances in a teen’s spine using X-rays. One common concern for parents is determining if their teenager has finished growing. An indicator we look for on X-rays is called the Riser sign. When the two pelvic bones fuse, it signifies the end of growth. Let’s take a look at my patient’s X-ray. The iliums, forming the pelvis, should not have a line across the top in a fully grown individual. The presence of this line indicates open growth plates, signifying ongoing growth. Despite being a tall kid, this patient’s growth plates suggest he still has more growing to do. Additionally, we noticed some curvature in his spine, contributing to discomfort during sports activities. By assessing teenagers with X-rays, we can monitor their growth, identify misalignments or scoliosis, and provide drug-free chiropractic care for optimal development.

If you’re curious about your teenager’s spinal health, come to Kinney Chiropractic for a comprehensive assessment with X-rays! Dr. Jodi signing off. Thanks for tuning in!

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At Kinney Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in really listening and getting to the root cause of why you are in pain and not living up to your true potential. We go above and beyond with a thorough exam and specialized digital X-rays so we can fully understand what’s causing your problem.

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