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Chiropractic Treatment for SI Joint Pain In Belmar, NJ

Chiropractic Treatment for SI Joint Pain Relief | Chiropractor for SI Joint Pain in Belmar, NJ

Hi everybody, today I’m going to do a video on SI joint pain. And how we actually treat the SI joint.

Gentle and Safe Adjustments for SI Joint Pain Relief

The SI joint is the joint that is made up between your right pelvis and your left pelvis. And what is known as your sacrum or your tailbone. So it’s your sacral iliac joint, you have to have them and they often cause people pain. I’m Dr. Judy Kenny Kenny chiropractic, today I’m going to show you how we adjust an out of place SI joint. So the way we assess is by checking the leg life. My patients Sue has a real sword right leg. I don’t know if you could see that on there, but her right leg is shorter than the left. The way that we adjust the SI joint is with this nice little drop table. So this table has two drops options on it. It’s very uninventive way to get adjusted and passive for the patient, and it doesn’t hurt and it’s not any kind of cracking or popping this is actually a real easy way to adjust this joint. So the table, I’m going to make the contact on the outside joint and the tables gonna drop right out. Do that a couple times. This is going to drop all this and SI joint back into normal alignment. Good and then I’m gonna reassess. See what our landline was looking like see if that even down or pelvis in our in our sacroiliac joint dysfunction. And it did see how perfectly even her leg length is. So this is our most effective best treatment that we can do for SI joint dysfunction.

So if you’re feeling like you might have problems with your SI joint, absolutely get it checked by a chiropractor. We treat SI joints all the time. Thanks so much for checking in. See you soon.

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