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Natural Relief for Reflux In Belmar, NJ

Natural Relief for Reflux | Pediatric Chiropractor in Belmar, NJ

Hi, everybody, it’s Dr. Jodi Kinney. Today I want to do one more video on my series about adjusting newborns to about a year old and some of the common conditions that we see and little ones and why we adjust babies in the first year of life and why it’s so important.

Chiropractic Care Instead of Medications

So one of the most common ailments I see in babies, when parents bring them to me is, is reflux. So you know, spinning up is super common and totally normal. But sometimes if it’s excessive, or projectile vomiting, that can be a sign of a little bit more of a significant GI issue. And often, you take them to the pediatrician or the doctor and they want to prescribe some sort of medication for the baby, right. And so we as chiropractors try to remain as drug free and drug less as possible. And so especially for our little ones, we don’t want to have to be giving them any kind of medication that early on. So with adjustments, we help babies, often with their reflux symptoms.

Gentle Adjustment with an Activator to help Nerve Supply

So this is the pathway and what we where we focus when it comes to the nerve supply coming out of the spine that extends to the stomach. So at the very bottom of the esophagus, at the very top of the stomach is a sphincter or a muscle. And that muscle has to remain closed or contracted, in order not to let food escape and go back up the esophagus and ultimately regurgitate out of the body. Right? So the nerves there are nerves that control the contraction and the relaxation of that muscle or that sphincter at the stomach. And the nerve pathway comes directly from the spine. So this middle part of the baby’s spine between the thoracic 4,5,6,7,8 the region here, these nerve pathways are the ones that go to this group of nerves here, your celiac nerve group that goes to some of your GI organs and specifically the stomach when we adjust a baby in that region, gentle, gentle pressures. Sometimes I use a very gentle, extremely gentle handheld adjusting tool called an activator. That simulates normal nerve supply out to the stomach out to that muscle out to allow the baby’s body work exactly like it should without drugs and without surgery. And I help lots of babies with reflux. So if your child is struggling with any kind of reflux or digestive symptoms, bring them here to Kenny chiropractic and let’s see if we can drug-less-lee helped their bodies function and work normally like God intended them to be.

Okay hope you guys have a great rest of your day. I’m gonna see you soon.

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