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Natural Ear Infection Remedy In Belmar, NJ

Natural Ear Infection Remedy | Pediatric Chiropractor in Belmar, NJ

Hi everybody, today we’re going to do a video on how we adjust our little patients our baby patients who come into our office for all sorts of things. This is my patient Novalee. She’s been coming to me because she struggled with ear infections about a month or so ago. And since we’ve been adjusting her she’s been doing fabulous.

Chiropractic Adjustments for Babies

So let me show you how we adjust babies. So, Mom, I’m gonna have you lie on your back. Novalee is going to start on her belly. Now Novalee just started walking too. So she’s on the go. So we’re gonna start by checking her little pelvis. I always check like legs too, with babies too, because it really shows up in their little pelvises. When their spine is out of alignment in their leg length. Many use a little handheld adjusting tool called an activator. And this is how we’re going to adjust her little her little spine and pelvis. And it doesn’t hurt. Babies usually squirm around, sometimes it’s a little ticklish on their their low backs. And I just feel where I noticed little vertebrae not in alignment, or maybe where they don’t feel like they’re moving well. Yeah, I’m almost done with you. It’s real easy, quick, Sweetie Pie, you’re going to turn over on our back. Now, for children’s necks, tiny little finger pressures, and a little bit of just range of motion that helps to just this vertebrae slide right into normal alignment. So I’m just going to feel around. We’re vertebrae just don’t seem like they’re moving well, or maybe seem out. She’s a little out on this left side. So it’s a little pressure. Little pressure right here pretty girl. That’s it. All right, my credit. You’re all done. That’s how easy it is to adjust babies. And we do this often. For allergies, ear infections, asthma, even like just boost your immune system and for wellness. We see kids all the time.

So bring your baby in to be adjusted. Healthy, healthy babies don’t need drugs don’t need surgery. They just need a healthy nervous system and immune system. Alright, thanks again for tuning in, Jodi Kinney signing off!

Kinney Chiropractic

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