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Strengthening the SI Joint In Belmar, NJ

Strengthening the SI Joint | Chiropractor for SI Joint Pain in Belmar, NJ

Hi, I’m Dr. Rona Thau, and I’m here at Kinney Chiropractic in Belmar New Jersey, and today I’m going to talk a little bit about the sacral iliac joint. And what we do to keep it functional, release pain and stabilize the joint.

Chiropractic Strengthening Exercises for the SI Joint

So this is the back of the body, this would be your back your bone, these two bones are called ilium. And this is your sacrum. This is your weight bearing foundation that carries you through space, and the entire spine sits on top of that sacrum. There can be dysfunction in this joint because it has a lot of different ways that it moves, it moves forward and back, side to side, in and out. And so in addition to adjusting which Dr. Jodi has already demonstrated to you some of the things that we do once we get you adjusted to stabilize that joint, we want to strengthen the body so you could do some squats. We also do lateral and add an abduction, abduction, abduction, internal and external rotation. And one of the other things that we do here, we it’s called neuromuscular re-education and that allows your body to know where it is in space. So we have you stand on this Bosu ball. We have a little handle here in case you need it. But the key is to be able to stand on this ball with your head over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hips, your hips over your ankles. And this helps to engage your core and a lot of the small muscles throughout your spine that are an integral integral part of keeping this whole pelvic region stable and doing what it’s supposed to do. We’ll help you hold your adjustments and make your life a whole lot happier when you can propel yourself through space without pain.

I’m Dr. Thau. We’d love to see you here at Kinney Chiropractic in Belmar, New Jersey. That’s all for now. We’ll see you next time. Bye!

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